Amazing Lenticularis Cloud over High Tatras

January 26, 2024

Screenshot 2024-01-26 053641

Photographer: Vicktor Belicak   
Summary Author: Vicktor Belicak   

This beautiful and mesmerizing lenticular cloud display formed over the High Tatra Mountains of Slovakia on December 17, 2023. It began to take shape in the early afternoon and remained in place until nightfall. Near sunset, when the above photo was captured, the lingering Sun's reddened rays further enhanced the majesty of these stacked clouds -- a once in a lifetime experience. 

Photo Details: Nikon D850 camera; 28mm lens/focal length; ISO: 200; f 4.35; 00.10 exposure time.


Zdiar, Slovakia Coordinates: 49.2713, 20.2734

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