Ornamental Coleus

January 04, 2024




Photographer: Menashe Davidson
Summary Author: Menashe Davidson

Coleus (a member of the mint family) is a popular ornamental plant prized for its vibrant and colorful foliage (top photo). The leaves come in a wide range of colors and patterns that vary from solid to variegated. Coleus flowers are generally small. When in bloom they can be found in spikes that rise above the foliage. The inflorescence is usually upright, and the flowers are closely arranged along the spikes.

Flowers of the coleus are considered by many gardeners to be secondary to the plant’s ornamental leaves. Often, gardeners choose to remove the flower spikes in order to maintain the plant's handsome foliage.

Observing the coleus plants in my home garden (both flowers and leaves) in Rishon LeZion, Israel, I uncovered a hidden world of delicacy and a rich array of hues. Click here to see a video of my coleus plants. Photos taken in September of 2023.

Rishon LeZion, Israel Coordinates: 31.9730, 34.7925   

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