Colors of a Total Lunar Eclipse

January 22, 2024


Photographer: Lucy Yunxi Hu  
Summary Author: Lucy Yunxi Hu

This HDR image captured the color spectrum of the lunar surface during the total lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022, as observed from my location at Lake George, New South Wales, Australia.  During this event, the interplay of sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere created a fascinating display of colors on the mineralized lunar surface.

The red color band shown here (top of moon) was covered by the Earth's shadow. Sunlight passed through Earth's atmosphere, scattering red light, resulting in the “blood moon.”

The blue band was also caused by sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere but at higher altitudes where the ozone layer absorbs more red light than blue.

The white band (over the lower moon) was illuminated by sunlight, where the color differences on the lunar surface show the result of different mineral compounds.

Photo details: Taken using a 600 mm telephoto lens with 2x teleconverter (1200mm focal length); stacked with 50 exposures.


Lake George, New South Wales Australia Coordinates: -35.1189, 149.3577

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