November 2023 Eruption of Mount Etna

January 24, 2024

2023 11 26 Etna e neve__01

Photographer: Vincenzo Russo 
Summary Author: Vincenzo Russo 

This attention-getting eruption of Mount Etna was observed on the night of November 26, 2023. Actually, Etna was warming up for a bigger show that would occur a few days later.  A fresh snow cover adorns its flanks and foothills. Etna is Europe's most frequently erupting volcano. Note that the brightness of the sky is a result of both the eruption and the nearly full Moon. 

Photo Details: Nikon Z6_II camera; Nikon 180 mm lens; f/2.8; 180 mm focal length; ISO 200; taken at 23:11 local time.

Mount Etna, Piano Vetore, Italy Coordinates: 37.69, 14.98

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