Red Sprites Observed near Coast of Turkey

January 09, 2024


Photographer: Tsouras Panagiotis  
Summary Author: Tsouras Panagiotis  

Shown above are red sprites and the rising Moon as captured from Levadia, Greece on November 4, 2023. These high altitude, mysterious sprites are produced by intense thunderstorm cells. They last but a second or two and are generated at altitudes ranging from about 25-55 mi (40-89 km) above the Earth's surface, typically during the mature and decaying stages of large thunderstorm complexes. Under the most favorable conditions they may be observed every few minutes. Note that the storm responsible for this event was near coast of Turkey, more than 200-miles (322 km) east of my location in central Greece. Though they've been seen by the unaided eye, in most cases they're imaged by sensitive cameras.

Photo details: Sony A7sii camera; 1/25 seconds exposure time; f1.4; ISO 1200.

Levadia, Greece Coordinates: 38.441441, 22.981376

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