22 Degree Lunar Halo over Albusciago, Italy

February 19, 2024

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Photographer: Paolo Bardelli
Summary Author: Paolo Bardelli

The photo above showing a lovely lunar halo was taken over Albusciago, Italy, on the evening of November 29, 2023. It formed when hexagonal ice crystals composing the thin cirrostratus clouds that covered much of the sky refracted light from the nearly full Moon. If these crystals are more or less randomly oriented, the angle of refraction is approximately 22 degrees -- the angular distance the halo is from the Moon (or during the daytime, the Sun). Note that a faint reddish appearing corona can be seen about the lunar disk.

Photo Details: Canon 50D camera; Samyang 14 mm lens; f/2.8; 25 second exposure; 400 ISO; PhotoShop.

Albusciago, Italy Coordinates: 45.7395, 8.7939

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