Crescent Moon and Monte Viso

February 27, 2024

Moonset 12-14-2023

Photographer: Piero Armando
Summary Author: Piero Armando

From the balcony of my home in Turin Italy, I observed this sliver of the waxing crescent Moon at sundown on December 14, 2023, as it rose near the silhouetted Monte Viso. Only 4.6 percent of the Moon's surface was illuminated. At 12,602 ft (3,841 m) above sea level, pyramid shaped Monte Viso, also called King of Stone, is the highest peak in the Cottian Alps and the source of the Po River, the longest watercourse in Italy.

Photo Details: Camera Canon EOS 600D camera; 1/60 second exposure time; f/5.6; 300 mm focal length; ISO 1600.

Turin, Italy Coordinates: 45.074,7.633

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