Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds

February 06, 2024


CindyT_epod_2023 October 10 - Japan Imperial Palace Grounds Moat Reflections

Photographer: Cindy Todd
Summary Author: Cindy Todd

The Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. These days, the Imperial Family is symbolic, and they have no political power as Japan has a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Government. Plants and trees native to the Tokyo area have been planted throughout the palace grounds. The trees on the other side of the moat include black pines and cherry trees (not in bloom).

Because they're only maintained, not altered, the variety of flora here is staggering, including 77 species of moss, 57 species of lichen and 368 species of fungi (8 species which are newly discovered). This location has been occupied since approximately 300 BCE, per excavations. The stone walls of the moat are made of limestone found in the area. Photo taken on October 10, 2023


Tokyo, Japan Coordinates: 35.6764, 139.6500

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