Isole dei Ciclopi

March 26, 2024

Teresa Molinaro_b

Photographer: Teresa Molinaro  
Summary Author: Teresa Molinaro  

The site called Volcanites of the Cyclops and Aci Trezza Archipelago is found along the stretch of sea in front of Aci Trezza, a fishing village known for where the author Giovanni Verga set the novel "I Malavoglia." It’s part of the Isole dei Ciclopi Marine Protected Area, a small archipelago made up of three main islets, Lachea, Faraglione Grande and Faraglione Piccolo, and of the sea stacks shown at center.

The Isole dei Ciclopi owes its name to the legend of Polyphemus and Ulyssses. According to this legend, Polyphemus threw huge boulders at Ulysses during his escape. Actually, the rocks that form the archipelago originated some five hundred thousand years ago, during the first of the four phases of Mount Etna's evolution, following the clash between the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. This collision gave rise to a long period of underwater volcanic activity which, with the emission of basic lava gave rise to the Lachea Island and the two Faraglionis. Four types of volcanics can be found here, namely columnar basalts, those with thin prisms, hyaloclastites and pillow lavas.

Note the iridescent cloud floating high above the sea stacks. Photo taken on February 3, 2024.

Photo Details: Nikon D7500 camera; f/16; 1/320 seconds exposure; ISO 200; 18-140 mm.

Aci Trezza, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 37.5639,15.1615

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