Position of the Sun in the Sky over a Twelve Month Period

March 07, 2024


Photographer: Matthew Chin 
Summary Authors: Matthew Chin; Jim Foster

Featured above is the position of the Sun in the sky (solar analemma) as observed from Yuen Long, Hong Kong, from February of 2023 to January of 2024. All photos were taken at 7:30 pm (local Hong Kong time). The Sun is seen in each of the 12 major Chinese solar terms (see below). Note they're sequenced here based on the solar altitude (the Sun is highest in the sky in late June), not chronologically.

Ecliptic Longitude at 12 major solar terms:

330°    雨水 Spring Showers       
0°      春分 Vernal Equinox       

30°     穀雨 Corn Rain            
60°     小滿 Corn Forms          
90°     夏至 Summer Solstice      

120°    大暑 Great Heat           
150°    處暑 End of Heat  
180°    秋分 Autumnal Equinox    

210°    霜降 Frost                
240°    小雪 Light Snow           
270°    冬至 Winter Solstice      

300°    大寒 Severe Cold  


Yuen Long, Hong Kong, Coordinates: 22.4445, 114.0222

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