Propagating Plants in Home Gardens

April 12, 2024



Photographer: Menashe Davidson
Summary Author: Menashe Davidson

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth" said Thomas Jefferson, referring to gardening at his Monticello estate in Virginia. Horticulture offers various methods for propagating plants in home gardens:

Sowing seeds - In my home garden, I start seeds in trays or pots before transplanting them in suitable containers, once they've grown strong enough. (Top photo showing Celosia - cockscomb).

Bulbs and tubers - Separating and planting the smaller bulbs and tubers in individual pots and the big, main bulb in its final location in the garden. (Middle photo showing Narcissus – Daffodils)

Cuttings: Taking cuttings from young, flexible stems, often from the current season's growth, and planting them in separate pots for rooting and then transplanting them in suitable containers. (Bottom photo showing Coleus - Plectranthus)

Each propagation method has its own requirements and works best for certain types of plants. Working in my garden provides me a hands-on understanding of different plants' growth cycles, allowing me to not only better appreciate the interconnectedness of nature but also the satisfaction involved in nurturing a plant.

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