Waning Gibbous Moon over Vitorchiano, Italy

April 08, 2024


Photographer: Marco Meniero  
Summary Author: Marco Meniero  

The above photo-composite shows the waning gibbous moon over the medieval village of Vitorchiano, Italy, on the night of January 28, 2024. Vitorchiano is sometimes called the "Hanging Hamlet" and has been an important strategic spot since the time of the Etruscans. The volcanic geology of the area includes several types of rock referred to as peperino due to its resemblance to pepper.

Photo Details: Village scene taken with a vertical panorama, using Sigma 85 mm; f/1.4; closed to f/5.6 (HDR of 3 shots of 30", 25", 10"); 1000 ISO. Moon shot with Nikon Z400 /4.5 (f/5) camera; 640 ISO, 1/2500 second exposure; resampled to 300mm; Nikon Z9

Vitorchiano, Italy Coordinates: 42.466389, 12.173333

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