Windshield Frost in Chattanooga, Tennessee

April 25, 2024


Photographer: Stephen W. Overall
Summary Authors: Stephen W. OverallJim Foster

The photo above showing lacy frost on the windshield of my car was snapped on the morning of March 19, 2024, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Though this past winter was relatively mild in Tennessee, there were a few days when temperatures dropped sufficiently overnight to necessitate the scraping of frost before leaving for work in the morning. Imperfections on the surface of windshield glass, including minor scratches, the presence of dust and pollen grains, chemical residues, etc., all affect the quirky patterns frost renders once moisture condenses on the glass. Note that bluish colors on the lower portion of the windshield indicate the onset of melting.

Chattanooga, Tennessee Coordinates: 35.0458, -85.3094

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