Collection of Crescent Moons

May 13, 2024


PhotographerTamás Ábrahám
Summary Author: Tamás Ábrahám

This collection of 24 waxing and waning crescent Moon images shows my most beautiful observations of the past 14 years. I took the images sequentially by the illumination of the Moon, so the illumination of the first crescent is 1.3 percent and 24 hr 12 min before the New Moon; the last is 6.2 percent and 58 hours, 49 minutes after the New Moon.

Roughly half of the images I captured in my home garden in Zsambek, Hungary, near dawn. The others were taken on the top of the hill near my home, from where the west-southwest horizon is clearly visible. I quite like hunting these slender crescent Moons. I religiously plan where and when I'll photograph them and exactly where to position my equipment.

Photo Details: I used a 200 mm focal length telephoto lens for most of the images; other images were taken using a camera attached to a 200/1000 mm Newtonian reflector telescope.

Zsambek, Hungary Coordinates: 47.55, 18.72

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