Icy Roadcut near Branson Missouri

May 07, 2024


Photographer: Scott Ballee
Summary Authors: Dale Hugo; Scott Ballee

My friend Scott and his wife were visiting Branson, Missouri when they drove by this icy scene one day this past January. It’s a seep coming out of limestone that froze in the Arctic air that invaded the central U. S. in mid-January 2024. Hydrostatic pressure from the hill above was enough to force the water out of the porous rock exposed by a road cut for the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. The height from the road surface to the highest rocks shown is approximately 22 ft (7 m).

Notice that not all the limestone has ice. I suspect that the bare spots above the ice haven't yet developed a channel or possibly that the hydrostatic pressure wasn't quite high enough to force water through the entire face of the road cut. Photo taken on January 15, 2024.

Branson, Missouri Coordinates: 36.654, -93.26 

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