Dolomites Sun Pillar

June 13, 2024

Sun Pillar

Photographer: Alessandra Masi
Summary AuthorsAlessandra Masi; Jim Foster

The photo above shows a charming sun pillar I observed in the stunning Dolomites range of northern Italy, a little before sunset on January 24, 2024. These vertical beams of reflected sunlight form when ice crystals found in cirrus clouds, or free-falling in the atmosphere, are aligned horizontally. But in order to be viewed, they need to be slightly tipped so that the sunlight they reflect is directed toward the surface. 

Photo Details: Canon R6 camera; 70/300 lens; 74 mm; ISO 100; f/11; Multi exposure.

Pieve di Cadore, Belluno, Italy Coordinates: 46.43333312.366667

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