Walking Through Colors on a Crater

June 17, 2024

DSC_5778 mff (1)

Photographer: Teresa Molinaro
Summary Author: Teresa Molinaro

One day earlier this year I was admiring the views from the lower Silvestri Crater, on Mount Etna, which was formed during the 1892 eruption. The atmosphere around the crater struck me with its beauty, so I snapped took several photos. The one shown above of fog rising from below with a person walking on the opposite edge of the crater, I found particularly evocative. Diffraction of sunlight by the minute fog droplets resulted in the lovely iridescent colors as well as the corona about the Sun

The photo is part of my photographic project "Poetics of the Sky," presented in a special edition paper publication of Docu Magazine. It was taken on January 23, 2024.

Photo Details: Nikon D7500 camera; f/29; 1/2000 seconds exposure; ISO 200;18-140 mm.

Mount Etna Crater, Sicily, Italy: 37.707898, 15.00525

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