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Anna Elizabeth Wooten

I wrote a story about a rock and its difficulties of being a rock from a different planet that arrived as a comet flew by our new forming earth.I was doing reasearch on the idea and I found out I could understand the research of rocks so much better. I enjoy learning. And what are the possiblity with quarks and matter, and how the earth works from inside. Pushing up rocks. They do not melt. So my story was really about rocks that do not melt, they get out and they just lay around. And if enough rocks with right elements can change the earth, and I think more students may want to find out about that like I did. Protons and atoms, there is so much more. It is amazing.

Anna Elizabeth Wooten

Please excuse my spelling. I found out a few years ago that I had a mind that is very smart, I did not know that before so I am making up for lost time. I am studing physics and using my creative ideas to ask the right question. To help students to think about they could change things if they wanted to, they could sit around and talk about the possibilities. Put it on paper. Students are the solutions working with their professors or teacher they see the next possibility.

Anna Elizabeth Wooten

I belive that climate is real, I also belive we have been this before, and our earth has shifted, when we had the earthquake in Japan. I have been reading about how the core of our eath works. And how we were in the ice a very long time before this ice age happened. Except it was near were our equator is now. We just rotated.


Sure there's a lot of uncertainty with rgedras to actual attribution of disasters but if there's any admission of this you just know that the denialists will exploit it to convince the public climate change isn't real. The public is too stupid so we need to bend the rules and overstate the confidence, the stakes are too high; there's no time for accuracy! It's a little thing we call the "precautionary principle"./sarc

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