The late night/early morning ISS flashing was a smashing success. We could see your flashing with no trouble. We noticed the 1 Hz blink but it did not seem to completely extinguish between flashes (see pictures). It definitely alternated between white and blue. The white was much brighter than the blue laser. We could only see the laser when the white light was off and not all the time. It was like there were tracking issues with the laser too keep it on target. Did your white light completely turn off between blinks? I took a bunch of pictures. The windows still had sunlight glare so they are not up to my usual high contrast nighttime images. I could see the flashing before you started to flash. It was a steady bright light and I told Dan that that could not be it because it was going to be blinking at 1 Hz. Then it started to blink. We saw the flash just as we were over the terminator right at the calculated time of 01:27 but was not able to get a picture due to glare until 01:31. I stopped taking pictures at 01:33 but could see the flashed well beyond that. For max brightness, the white light was about like a medium Mars (only white), the blue laser was much dimmer and only seen when the white light blinked off. It looked more like the white light dimmed to blue and then returned to white.

Good job. This has to be a first and we have the pictures to prove it. I will have to add an update to my blog where I stated that this had never been successful.